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People Under Extreme Pressure

This is a website dedicated to the Puep's of this world - "People Under Extreme Pressure".

Importance of Stress

We all need a certain amount of stress in our lives but it is the level of stress that is important and of course some people can tolerate higher levels than others.

Low Stress levels can be bad for you!

Boredom sets in, motivation is low and concentration levels drop. You need a challenge in your life, perk yourself up, go for a walk, take an interest in your life, your family, colleagues and the world around you. Think positive - yes you can improve your life.

High Stress level can be bad for you!

Well of course everyone knows this and some people appear to thrive on it, facing problems with great gusto but long term high stress levels can be very damaging to the health. Early symptoms of tiredness and anxiety may lead to bad health and burnout.

The Solution

We are not going to pretend to have enough expertise in dealing with stress levels whether they are too low or too high and there are plenty of websites that well profess to have more knowledge than us. We would however suggest that either problem might be eased with a holiday in the west of Ireland.

Too low - visit the west of Ireland for an activity holiday, walking, riding, cycling,scuba diving etc.

Too High - visit the west of Ireland for a relaxing holiday! Take a horsedrawn caravan holiday, try natural healing in County Mayo. Do yourself a favour take a well earned break.

Google It

If our suggestions don't take your fancy try doing a search in Google for people under extreme pressure. The last time we did this there were 948,000 pages to look through!


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